About Us


Maritime Auto Parts is a full-service auto recycler and parts supplier of new and used automotive parts.

Our History


Ray Fillmore incorporated Maritime Auto Salvage Ltd. in Truro, NS. In 1932.

1942 - 46

WWII halted the production of vehicles.


the “Bi-Hi” (Bicentennial Highway) was routed right through Maritime Auto’s Lower Truro location, forcing a move to our current location, Glenholme, NS.


After about 40 years, and two generations, the Fillmore’s sold Maritime to Basil MacKay and Harry Marsh in 1974. MacKay and Marsh organized the vehicles into rows by make and model and eliminated the “junk yard” feel.


Lana & Ed MacDonald purchase Maritime Auto. They implemented a computerized inventory management system almost immediately.


Son of Lana and Ed, Andrew MacDonald purchased the business from his parents.

Present Day

Maritime Auto continues to grow and serve more customers throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond.

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standard warranty

30 days from date of sale. See conditions below.

extended warranty options

PLATINUM – 5 year parts and labour warranty
GOLD – 1 year parts and labour warranty
SILVER – 1 year parts warranty
See Conditions Below.

conditional warranty limits

ALL PARTS are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase (not the date of installation), and will be accepted for refund, credit or exchange with the original bill of sale.

THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER expense in removal or replacement of a defective part, labour charges (unless an extended warranty was purchased) or any other expenses such as towing, emergency road service, lodging or related expenses.

THIS WARRANTY IS VOID if the part has been disassembled.

If a part is replaced under warranty, that part will remain under warranty for the balance of the original warranty term, however another extended warranty may be purchased on the replacement.

All warranty claims are paid in Canadian funds.

ENGINES are guaranteed to be in good condition with reasonable limits of specifications as stated by the seller, i.e. oil pressure, compression and oil consumption.

Our engines are equipped with heat tabs, overheating of the engine voids all warranty

Seals should be inspected and if necessary, replaced prior to installation.

Only the crankshaft, block, heads and valve train are covered under this warranty.

Accessories such as water pump and fuel pump, injection system, exhaust manifold, wiring etc. are left for customer convenience only and may not come with the engine.

Please check lubricant and coolant levels before starting engine.

STANDARD TRANSMISSIONS AND REAR-ENDS are guaranteed functional assemblies and not noisy. Gears are guaranteed at the time of purchase. Cracked or broken teeth after sale or obvious abuse will not be warrantied. Failure to change fluid and filter voids all warranty.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS are guaranteed functional assemblies. It is recommended that front seals, rear seals and pan gasket be replaced prior to installation.

Please ask about torque converter alignment to prevent damage to the front pump.

OBVIOUS ABUSE or operating an assembly when low on lubricant or coolant voids the warranty.

RADIATORS, HEATER CORES, AND BATTERIES are guaranteed not to leak and to operate effectively for the specified guarantee period stated by the seller.

BODY PARTS cut to order must be prepaid and are non refundable.

For warranty purposes, ELECTRICAL PARTS require installation by a qualified technician.

Maritime Auto Parts suggests that you INFORM YOUR CUSTOMER of this warranty for commercial or third party installation.

CONDITIONAL EXTENDED WARRANTIES ARE OPTIONAL- The purchase of any extended warranty must be made on the original date of purchase.


EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAM All parts are guaranteed to be in good operating order.

EXTENDED WARRANTIES do not apply to commercial vehicles. Maritime reserves the right to replace, repair or refund the parts and labor according to the Mitchell Manual specifications at the rate of up to $55.00 an hour.

OFFER VALID only if installation completed according to manufacturer’s standards, and installed by a certified mechanic or certified shop. Documentation will need to be presented to sales representative of Maritime Auto Parts at time of claim.

ENGINES: In order to keep your warranty valid, the following schedule MUST be adhered to: At each 3 month or 5,000 km interval, whichever comes first from the warranty date, you must, at your own expense, have the engine oil and filter changed. Do-it-yourself oil changes are NOT ACCEPTABLE. All original receipts must be kept by the warranty holder for future reference. Failure to comply with all of the above constitutes non-performance of the conditions and will void this warranty.

Customer’s copy of the sales invoice and installation documentation must accompany all claims for the warranty to be honoured. Warranty coverage is valid for original purchaser only.

Our Affiliations